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6 Lonely Zodiac Signs Who Often Feel Isolated

lonely zodiac signs If you’re occasionally lonely, it happens to everybody, but if you’re always in a state of loneliness, you need to find out what the root causes are and do something about it. A Virgo can be too harsh and overcritical with others and with themselves. No one wants to be around someone who is constantly finding fault with them, so there are times when Virgo feels lonely. When Virgo finds fault with themselves to the point where they can't enjoy their own company, they're lonely. Virgo needs to be kind with themselves and other people. Since they are often very sensitive, they may put their guard up and not realize they're alienating other people.  No matter how active an Aries can be, at some point, they will always find themselves alone and lonely. They may have been so caught up in their lives that they just lost touch with the people in their lives, or they could be going through a time where they feel as if they've been betrayed by everybody. As much as Aries love people, they have some dark nights of the soul when they can't stand them. The good thing is that Aries' episodes of loneliness don't last for very long.

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