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Spanish Cosmetics and Scents Company Laboratorio SyS Launches Online Stores in the USA, Canada and Latin America

From now on, Laboratorio SyS will offer its products all over the world thanks to its official website:      (Photo: ) "We want our brand to be international," comments Sales Manager Juan José Mas. "We would love to reach every country in the future through our eCommerce."  Currently, the online platform of Laboratorio SyS is accessible from over 43 countries, including Europe and North and South America. The website will be available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. eCommerce as a branding international strategy Laboratorio SyS was born in 1991 mainly as a manufacturer of scents and bath salts. Over the last 27 years, it has adapted to the demands of the market to create new product lines that meet current trends. Natural cosmetics is one of them. Products are paraben-free, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly, promising real skincare. A year ago, they made the leap to online sales, combining the services of the commercial and face-to-face network with new technologies. In that time, they transitioned to an online Business to Consumer marketing and branding strategy. In January, the Spanish company decided to expand the market, venturing to direct sales to final consumers through the Internet.

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