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Proceedings opened on Tuesday but were curtailed because Ms Park did not attend. On Thursday the court went ahead anyway. Her lawyer has previously said Ms Park will not be in court "unless there are special circumstances", Yonhap news agency reported. Both cases centre on allegations President Park gave Ms Choi unauthorised access to government decisions and allowed her to exploit their close relationship to solicit money from corporations for foundations from which she benefitted. Both women have apologised but deny committing criminal offences. Did a puppy bring down South Korea's president? The scandal has rocked South Korea, sparking several huge demonstrations. While the impeachment process continues, Ms Park remains formally president but with most of her powers handed to the prime minister, a role that normally has little executive authority. Image copyright Reuters/Yonhap Image caption Ms Park told reporters on 1 January that claims she was involved in Ms Choi's dealings were "distorted and false" Image copyright EPA Image caption Nine judges have 180 days to decide whether President Park should step down Separately, Yonhap news agency reports that South Korea has sent a formal extradition request to Denmark for the daughter of Ms Choi, several days after saying they were working on it. Chung Yoo-ra, a former national equestrian rider, was arrested in Denmark on Sunday and later appeared in court accused of overstaying her visa.

I'm not doing anything alone. I'm just a reflection of the incredible as I said in the speech, that I award, I took that on behalf of a great number of people. We don't have this movement without the incredible courage of black women and the black LGBTQ community being on the front lines. Not at award show, not on the weekend, 360 days a year, full throated with no positive support or connective tissue around them that has trained them for these things. It's a real heroic effort happening collectively. And that's something I'm proud of. On his collaborations on mobile apps I'm proudest of collaboration; I'm not proudest of any independent action. You mentioned mobile apps, and to be clear, I'm a co-founder of Ebroji, a GIF-kind of cultural language keyboard, but Scholly I have come on as a board member and a brand ambassador and partner in the company, but it was founded and created by Christopher Gray. And that is a mobile app that aggregates and connects students to millions and millions of dollars of scholarships every year. There's over $100 million in scholarships every year that go unclaimed. People just aren't aware of them.

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