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Here's how the Internet can take it back. (Jessica Roy) In September, the Anti-Defamation League said it was formally declaring Pepe the Frog a hate symbol. Matt Furie, an artist based in L.A.'s Koreatown neighborhood, created Pepe the Frog back in 2005. He said in an interview last October that having his creation associated with anti-Semitism and white nationalism was his "worst nightmare." On Wednesday, Furie said via email that Zara had not sought his permission to use Pepe the Frogs likeness. The skirt in question was designed by a Spanish artist, Mario de Santiago, as part of Zara's "Oil-On-Denim" collection, which launched this month in stores and online. In a statement, the company said de Santiago created the design based on a painting he made with friends several years ago and that it had no link to the suggested theme. De Santiago replied to Fredette's tweets, saying his design was "never intended to promulgate hate" and that he was sorry. "I feel shame for this," he wrote. (He later deleted those tweets, but Fredette provided the Times with screenshots of them.) This is not the first time that Zara has had to pull a questionable product. In 2014, the brand publicly apologized for selling a shirt that looked like something concentration camp prisoners wore . In 2007, it stopped selling a purse that had swastika symbols embroidered on it. Fredette, who has written about fashion for outlets like Paper Magazine and Refinery29, said she wasnt surprised that this happened to Zara again.

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Price, Consensus and EPS Surprise | Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Quote Wal-Mart is also aggressively foraying into e-commerce in China with an aim to deliver goods from its stores around the world to consumers within hours. Wal-Mart has acquired 12.1% stake in Chinese e-commerce website, Inc. in Feb 2017, in line with the companys aim to grab greater market share in the worlds largest online market and expand its reach in China, where it has been struggling of late. Wal-Mart also launched its own mobile payment system called Walmart Pay in all of its 4,500-plus U.S. stores in Jul 2016. This system enables shoppers to pay through its existing smartphone app. This marks another step toward accelerating the companys online business and making shopping easier and faster. Wal-Mart is also aggressively trying to get a share of the pie in the online grocery shopping and delivery industry.Most recently, Wal-Mart has introduced a new program wherein it is offering discounts on online items, only if shoppers pick up their orders from a nearby store. The discount given seems to be an added feature to Wal-Marts already existing delivery service called Walmart Pickup which enables customers to place orders online and then pick them up at a store for free.

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An immigration activist protests against the Trump administration The White House re-crafted the order to exclude legal permanent residents and removed Iraq from the list of targeted countries. Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are still included in the new order. The new ban also dropped language giving preference to refugees who are part of a persecuted religious minority in their country of citizenship. The changes were meant to chip away at the plaintiffs' "standing" to sue, which requires that anyone bringing เสื้อคู่รักเกาหลี a lawsuit show they have been directly harmed by the action they are contesting. But as soon as the second order was signed, states and civil rights groups went back to court, saying that it was still discriminatory. Federal district judges in Maryland and Hawaii put the second order on hold before it could take effect on March 16. The judge in Hawaii blocked the two central sections of the ban, on travel and refugees, while the Maryland judge only halted the travel portion. Most of the focus is now on the Hawaii case, which is being heard by the 9th Circuit on May 15. The 4th Circuit appeals court in Virginia is slated to hear arguments in the Maryland case on May 8. Not all states have staked out a side in the fight.

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