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seattle washington skyline That's important to attract and retain investment bankers who may not want to hand off a deal, for example, to bankers in New York if they think they can do it themselves. Middle-market and regional investment banking have traditionally been the domain of boutique advisory shops like Houlihan Lokey or Harris Williams. Bulge-bracket competitors have dipped their toes in the water from time to time, though typically they staffed these forays with less talented bankers and retreated when the economy turned south. JPMorgan has taken a different approach, filling its regional rosters with top-rated investment bankers who have lived in or have ties to their territory like Richert, who grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Compensation is also carefully considered, and there's no pay discount for bankers living in Houston or Atlanta, he said. The group was created six years ago after CEO Jamie Dimon looked at the investment bank and the commercial bank and concluded they should be working more closely together. The strategy initially paid dividends, with gross investment banking fees paid by commercial banking clients climbing 38%, to $2.2 billion in 2015 from $1.6 billion in 2012, according to a company presentation. But the progress has slowed since, with revenue increasing just 4.5%, to $2.3 billion, in 2016 and flatlining from there a year later. Richert, whose region in Atlanta has been one of the top performing, is tasked with jump-starting revenue growth in other regions and hitting the bank's long-term target of more than $3 billion. Over the next four to five years, Richert plans to deploy the techniques he used to grow the Southeast, which had no investment banking presence when he arrived, he said.

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Sir Christopher Chope Had the law passed, someone secretly taking a photo up a woman's skirt could have faced up to two years in prison. Speaking to his local paper, the Bournemouth Echo , Sir Christopher Chope said he was objecting to parliamentary procedure rather than the law itself. The Christchurch MP said he was not "a dinosaur" and was being "scapegoated". Prime Minister Theresa May said she was "disappointed" that one of her own MPs had prevented the bill from progressing. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionTheresa May was asked why she recommended Sir Christopher Chope for a knighthood She added that she wanted to see the measures passed soon. May 'disappointed' at upskirting law block Sir Christopher said upskirting was "vulgar, humiliating and unacceptable" and said accusations he was "some kind of pervert" were "a complete travesty of the truth". "It's defamatory of my character and it's very depressing some of my colleagues have been perpetuating that in the past 48 hours," he added. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionHear MPs shout "shame" after Sir Christopher objects to the bill He explained that he stopped the bill from progressing because he disapproved of how the legislation was being brought in. "The government has been hijacking time that is rightfully that of backbenchers," he said. "This is about who controls the House of Commons on Fridays and that's where I am coming from." He accused the government of trying to "bring in what it wants on the nod", adding: "We don't quite live in the Putin era yet." The bill was expected to sail through the Commons on Friday, but parliamentary rules mean it only required one MP to shout "object" to block its progress.

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16, meaning that any business – marijuana or otherwise – is eligible to apply for any license type, according to Stephanie Klapstein, public information officer for the Nevada Department of Taxation. But that doesn’t mean the state will issue additional adult-use licenses at that time. “We’ll assess where we’re at with licensing as that date approaches,” Klapstein wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily. There was no resolution this week for Alaska’s cannabis cultivators, who say the state’s hefty excise tax is destroying profits and boosting black-market activity. The best way forward may be a compromise that redistributes the tax burden. Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board and the Department of Revenue kicked around tax ideas Wednesday but didn’t create a formal proposal. They discussed: An amendment to the current excise tax that would create a new tax tier tied to other parts of cannabis plants. A cannabis retail sales tariff that would shift some of the tax burden away from cultivators. A THC potency tariff that would tax product based on its THC content. The state’s tax division will work with the control board to move a proposal to the Legislature, said the division’s director, Ken Alper, who’d like industry consensus before moving forward.

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