Opposition Leaders Said That Was An Unconstitutional Usurping Of Their Functions And Were Set To Appoint Their Own Replacements For The Two Board Members During A National Assembly Session Later On Wednesday.

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But the opposition walked out last week saying officials were reneging on accords including cheap flights to orlando from hartford ct an agreement to negotiate new members of the five-person election board. That issue is central to Venezuela's long-running political conflict because the election board has quashed the opposition's request this year for a recall referendum and is viewed by many in Venezuela as being compliant toward the government. On Tuesday, the National Assembly pressed ahead with a symbolic political trial of Maduro, declaring him responsible for economic hardship and rights abuses in the nation of 30 million people. Later, the Supreme Court, which normally backs Maduro, renewed the terms of two outgoing election board members, saying the Assembly was in "contempt" of the law. Opposition leaders said that was an unconstitutional usurping of their functions and were set to appoint their own replacements for the two board members during a National Assembly session later on Wednesday. "The Supreme Court cannot substitute the Assembly's responsibility," said lawmaker Juan Pablo Guanipa, who sits on the assembly's appointments committee. "They have caused a war of powers, and this leads us to a situation of total non-governance in the nation." Government legislators, who walked out of the Assembly on Tuesday, lodged formal complaints at the Supreme Court and Comptroller's Office on Wednesday against opposition lawmakers. "Not only are they seeking a coup d'etat against the president, but they are also flagrantly breaking the law," said minority leader Hector Rodriguez. While the politicians bicker, Venezuelans are reeling from a brutal economic crisis, with many skipping meals due to shortages and soaring prices in a third year of recession.

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