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Rachel Wang "I felt confident I had something to offer. But when I looked into it I had my reservations. The people on the online shopping essay board were very high-profile - billionaire investors, university professors, business moguls." Ultimately it was her husband who encouraged her to apply and she got the role. "I'm not a great one for job applications nor job interviews. In online shopping sites list fact the last job I applied for was back in the noughties," she said. "I run my own business so I don't have a CV. The learning curve was huge." Image caption Natalie Campbell is an entrepreneur and now sits on a number of boards Natalie Campbell, 34, is an entrepreneur who runs a social innovation agency. She said mentoring could help people understand the application process and opportunities available. She now sits on a number of boards, including for the Big Lottery Fund, contributing to decisions on how the organisation is run and where money goes.


Boxing day is a day for being lazy and enjoying time with family. It's not a day for getting to the shops at 3am because of some clothes sale!!

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