Click To See Content: Pounddollar160117 Sterling Fell Against Most Major Currencies On Monday As Markets Anticipated That Prime Minister Theresa May Would Use A Major Speech On Tuesday To Advocate A So-called Hard Brexit In Which The Uk Would Leave The Eu's Single Market And Customs Union.

He also sounded a cautionary note on the growth in household debt. Mr Carney said that in the year to November, total household borrowing had risen 4%, while consumer credit had gone up by more than 10%, " the fastest rate since 2005". UK bosses optimistic despite Brexit fears Increasingly, the UK was relying on consumer spending for economic growth - rather than exports or investment - which boded poorly for the future, Mr Carney said on Monday. Gerard Lyons, a UK economist who backed Brexit, said Mr Carney "did rightly highlight the extent to which growth has become more consumer led". The UK had one of the world's fastest-growing advanced economies last year, but the Bank of England has forecast growth will slow in 2017 as higher inflation weighs on consumer spending. "We do see a slowing in the economy and household spending this year... that's a slowing, not a stopping," he emphasised. Economic forecasters have predicted that inflation could rise above the Bank's 2% target as a result of the pound's weakness since the Brexit vote. Click to see content: pounddollar160117 Sterling fell against most major currencies on Monday as markets anticipated that Prime Minister Theresa May would use a major speech on Tuesday to advocate a so-called "hard Brexit" in which the UK would leave the EU's single market and customs union. The UK was entering a "period of somewhat higher consumer price inflation", Mr Carney said. As a result, the next interest rate move could be either up or down, he said.

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