Basic Guidelines On Selecting Details In Handbags

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If you're in the mood for a fashion fling try a jumpsuit. The one-piece style is easy to wear and is unique enough to be worn without accessories. For the guys, this season features an easy, breezy shade of blue known as Niagara. This classic and cool denim color goes great with a crisp, white button down. Simply style this shade in the form of a tie. With all of your formal attire, a small menswear accessory is just the perfect pop of color to add freshness to your look. Walk through wedding season in style; with these refreshing and romantic shades you'll be total aisle candy. Maia Brown, 16, is a junior at Broadneck High School, an Ambassador Girl Scout, and the writer-producer of her own professional fashion blog. Find it at the Caption Home of the Week: Hasson The home of Brian and Kathleen Hasson in the Poplar Point Community of Edgewater is featured as Home of the Week. The home of Brian and Kathleen Hasson in the Poplar Point Community of Edgewater is featured as Home of the Week.

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